Our Vision

Social Impact through Stories.


Some social issues seem distant from us, while some are just around us. To children in developed cities, other children who are fighting for education or those who are deprived of clean water seem far from them. And back within their own city or country, they are told how policemen, postmen, teachers, doctors each has their own role to keep the society running. But what about social workers, waste processors and public transport drivers? These are the people the city would be a mess without. Their roles are seldom taught in textbooks and their stories are seldom written in storybooks.



The first step to approach different social issues is to learn and empathise. While we do not offer an immediate solution to solve social issues, we aspire to expose young children to what they should know and care about, and what they are not taught in school and textbooks, in order to train them to be future social issue solvers.