Our mission is to promote positive values and empathy through digital interactivity and effective storytelling of real world stories.

Currently, local and global social issues are usually introduced through old-fashioned civic education or liberal studies curricula. Our solution teaches social issues through interactive storytelling, which enriches the learning experience, making it more immersive, memorable and impactful.

Multiple studies have shown that storytelling synchronises the brains of the reader and teller, and connects them emotionally
(Keefe, 2017). More importantly, effective storytelling increases generosity, compassion and causes people to take more positive action (Zak, 2013). Through telling real-life stories about global issues and inspirational heroes, we help children and their parents understand the issues better and identify with the characters emotionally. 


Our vision is to see a whole new generation of future changemakers and social impact leaders, who are well-informed, inspired and committed to making a difference to the world.

To those who live in big cities, we often come across so-called “first world problems”, but we rarely truly see or understand real world social problems happening in all corners of the world. For many of us, we take quality education, gender equality, clean water and human rights for granted. There is simply a lack of public education and attention on the stories and social issues that matter, especially in younger children.

In order to make better sense of our world, what we all need is empathy. Children need to have better educational and reading materials that expose them to the stories that they should know and care about. In a world where negativity and inequality are arising, children need the right stories to inspire them to become our future generation of change-makers.